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Check out the $800 Black Widow 1000 lb Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile Lift below.

See our demo lifts in action at our Waukesha shop.

Call Ted @ 262-542-1110 for an appointment 7 days a week.

HD ProLift - In stock ready for delivery - $1100

Heavy Duty ProLift 1500 lb Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile Lift Table 


Professional grade shop equipment


Best value & most popular lift we sell


Drop out panel for easy wheel removal


Beautiful black & orange finish


One year manufacturers warranty


Air operated foot control, requires 90 PSI minimum


Lifts large custom motorcycles/ATVs up to 1500 pounds from 7.5" to 31-1/4"


105" x 24" Table platform with a 20 x 24" approach ramp, front extension, and wheel chock


Includes a $125 heavy duty center lift adjustable motorcycle jack shown below


Heavy duty steel construction with an 8-position safety lock system


Optional 24" (48" total width) Side extension kit  $300 additional


Side extensions can be mounted upside down to use as tool trays


Lift weighs 350 lbs


Comes  in a crate 88 x 27 x 11 & weighs 434 lbs


Lift lowers to 7.5 inches



Black Widow Air Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile Lift - $800

This premium motorcycle lift has a capacity of 1000 lbs and includes a rear wheel drop panel. Add side extension & ramp sections ($300 additional) to the motorcycle lift to accommodate ATVs. Perfect solution for service or storage of your motorcycle.

The Black Widow air operated premium motorcycle lift table and stand is high quality motorcycle lift. This lift will accommodate almost any motorcycle on the market. This motorcycle lift will lift motorcycles up to 1000 lbs.

Lift lowers to 7.5 inches.

It requires 90- 100 PSI air pressure and lifts from 7.5" to 31" high. The motorcycle lift is 78-3/4" long by 24" wide and it includes a 24" long loading ramp making it easy to get your motorcycle up on the cycle lift. All Black Widow motorcycle lifts come standard with an oversize front tire wheel clamp and rear drop out panel for servicing the rear tire. Fits most sizes of motorcycles and can lift ATVs, lawn tractors, and 3 wheelers with the optional 10" side extensions making the lift 44" wide.

The Black Widow motorcycle lift has front wheels allowing the lift and your motorcycle to be moved around the shop or slid into the corner of your garage for storage during the off season keeping the bike off the damp pavement. The Black Widow motorcycle lift has a powder coated glossy finish with a diamond plate design traction surface for superior traction when loading and unloading your bike.



$300 option (Adds 20 inches to total width - 10" per side for a total of 44")

Optional 14" front extension for long bikes $100 (92 3/4" total)

Black Widow Premium Air Motorcycle Lift Product Features:

bulletMotorcycle lift includes a 9" high oversize rubber lined front tire clamp
bulletAir operated foot pedal allows a hands free operation without bending over
bulletHeavy duty hydraulic ram will easily lift motorcycles up to 1000 lbs
bulletIncludes 24" long removable rear loading ramp
bulletFront wheels makes it easy to roll lift around the shop even with a bike on it
bulletRear drop out panel for service to rear tire, sprockets or drive shaft
bulletMultiple safety lock positions - 7.5" to 33" positions
bulletLift is 78 3/4" long by 24" wide
bulletLift lowers to 7.5 inches
bullet11.5" x 21.75" rear tire drop panel is standard with all Black Widow motorcycle lift units
bulletPowder coated glossy black finish with built in checker diamond plate design for traction
bulletOptional 10" side extension kit available for ATVs, lawn tractors, snowmobiles and 3 wheelers $300
bulletOptional 14" front extension available for longer motorcycles - $100
bulletIncludes a wheel dolly to help move lift around the shop even with a bike on it
bullet11 gauge steel construction
bulletRequires 90-100 psi minimum air pressure
bulletOne year manufacturers warranty
bulletLift weight 270lbs - Crate is 83"L x 27"W X 11"H and weighs 346lbs
bulletTie-down straps not included

   $800 picked up at our Waukesha WI warehouse ($1100 with side extensions)



                         $125  in stock

The Black Widow motorcycle jack lets you lift the front or rear wheel of your motorcycle in seconds. This 28 lb jack has an amazing 1,100 lb lifting capacity. Simply slide the jack under your motorcycle, position it under the frame and turn the jack arm to raise the bike. The jack has a lifting range of 3-3/4" to 16-1/4" high. Made from heavy duty black powder coated steel. A rubber adapter on the top of the jack prevents slipping and scratching the frame of your bike

bullet Made from heavy duty steel with black powder coating
bullet 1.100 lb lifting capacity
bullet Rubber padding on lift surface to prevent slips and scratches
bullet Lift range of 3-3/4" to 16-1/4" high to easily lift any bike
bullet Weighs only 28 lbs
bullet Includes removable adapters to adjust height


The Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Jack is a sturdy motorcycle jack for a reasonable price. This motorcycle jack weighs 28 lbs and has a lifting capacity of 1,100 lbs to accommodate almost any type of motorcycle. The Black Widow jack features a durable glossy black powder coated finish. The total height range of the motorcycle jack is 3-3/4" to 16-1/4" high. You can get an additional 2" to 3-1/4" of height with the removable adapters that are included. To prevent slipping rubber padding has been added to the top of each adapter along with large bolts on the front to secure them in place. To increase the stability of the motorcycle jack a foot is welded onto each side.