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Photo Gallery

Here are some of the photographs of my lifetime (60+ years) motorcycling adventure.

1958 175cc Allstate made by Puch sold by Sears Roebuck for about $300 brand new

These were guys I knew and raced with regularly. Photo is from about 1966.

Ronnie Rall 52, Babe DeMay 51, Roger Rieman 55, Bill O'Brien 63, Bart Markel 1, Gary Nixon 9

My Triumph 500 flattracker from 1967

I found it at the "Momma Tried" show in Milwaukee Feb 2014. Still had my number plates. I sold it in 1968.

My Triumph 500 flattracker from 1967

My Triumph 500 flattracker from 1967

My Triumph 500 flattracker from 1967

My 1968 Amateur (later Junior) ride

Ted #36 feet up & sideways on Team Hansen BSA Gold Star at Pecatonica IL

Racing with Danny Ware from Oklahoma. Note how loose, deep & rough this dangerous track was.

The BSA Gold Star I raced in 1968

Owned and tuned by my friend World Class Tuner Bob Hansen. This was a fast flattracker. We won most of the time. It was fun.

Mike Anderson 32 and me 36 in the final.

I won

Wilmot IL March 1969 Motocross


Brothers Ron & Ted Kieper

Close racing at Santa Fe Speedway in Chicago

The late Ron Kieper taking a checkered flag lap after winning at Santa Fe Speedway in Chicago

Gary Nixon, Neil Keen & Joe Salazar is 69x

Tulare CA mid 60s

I spent 2 days performing in the Milwaukee Summerfest 1970 Motor Drome

I rode my 405 American Eagle (Husky copy)

Aztalan 1973

Ted #3 having fun in the mud

Ted in 1973 on a 326cc Bultaco

Practice at Aztalan

Santa Fe 6-5-70

Mark Dolacin & Ron Kieper at Santa Fe

Ted at Santa Fe Speedway in Chicago

Ted with the checked flag 6-14-68

Ted leading over the jump at Santa Fe on 7-14-67

Walt Fulton 66 Ted Kieper 36

Amatuer Main at Santa Fe Speedway in 1967

Ted winning the main at Santa Fe on Sunday 9-1-68

The was the only day motorcycle race at Santa Fe

Ted in 1969 age 26 on a 650 Triumph TT Special

At my motorcycle shop in Milwaukee.

Competition Cycle Center

Ted at Santa Fe TT in 1974

Ted at Santa Fe Short Track 5-10-72

Ted with the checkers at Santa Fe 6-7-72

Santa Fe TT on 7-7-72

Ted Kieper jumping

A daytime show at Charleston IL in 1971

Gerry Aschinger & Denny Kieper 1969 Milwaukee Journal Insight first issue article

Ice racing 1970

It was cold!!

Ice racing 1972 Clear Lake near Edgerton WI

Great traction with needle point sharpened spikes

The late Mike Sweeney & Ted at Hales Corners Speedway 1972

Milwaukee Journal article

Plymouth WI Faigrounds

Weekly Saturday night races

Great Lakes Dragway jump 1971

Great Lakes Dragway jump 1972

On my Bultaco 250

Setting up the jump ramps at Great Lakes Dragway 1971

WI State Fair Park 1971

State Fair Park Jump 1971

State Fair Park Jump 1971


Elkhorn WI Fairgrounds jump 1971

Moto Cross Diploma

I gave these to participants in my Moto Cross schools over the years. This one went to Roy Ferguson of Lake Mills WI who now lives in Washington.

Dave Arva at Elkhoron 3-23-70

Ted at Elkhorn Motocross 1970

I crashed on my last jump- definitely not fun- broken ribs and sternum

Rice Lake WI stock car race

Verona WI Scrambles 1973

Big lead at finish

Ted 3 & the late Rex Beauchamp 31 in 1973

Rex was killed in a street bike accident

Craig Vetter 2nd from right at a Champaign-Urbanna scrambles in 1971

Craig Vetter 1971

My 1980 GS750L

Lake Michigan in background

New lathe Dec 08

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Tuner Bob Hansen posing with his early fifties Indian flattracker

Bob convinced Mr. Honda to build 4 cylinder bikes to sell in the US & changed motorcycling forever.

Ted & Brenda on the Gold Wing 1500-6 in Tampa March 2007

1st asphalt win

Francis Creek WI near Green Bay

Taking a victory lap in my modified

Ran on alchohol. Car would do wheelies when the traction was good. Had about 600 HP.

Ted as a flight instructor at Timmerman airrport in 1977

Cessna Cardinal 180 HP with a constant speeed prop

Ted Kieper

I had just landed the Cessna 172 4 seater at Flushing Airport across the river from Manhattan in summer 1970.

Aerobatic training

Great Lakes open cockpit Bi-plane. Great fun in the summer..

Jim Fitzgerald on his 900 Ducati

Slimy Crud Run 09

Former Sante Fe Speedway racing competitors Ray Smith & Ted

My 05 ST1300

Incredible motorcycle- like a magic carpet ride- smooth quiet & very fast

ST1300 Honda

Ride one if you ever get the chance.. will run 120+ all day long 2 up. Has incredible brakes as well. Best feature is the electrical adjustable windshield.

4 of my toys

Hayabusa, Bandit, Gold Wing & GS1100 in 2010

Erik Buel Brenda Kieper Ted Kieper Peter Egan

At EBR Motorcycle Grand Opening party on 3-18-16 in East Troy Wisconsin. It was 40 degrees.

Chariot racing from the 1920's